Church History Documents

Church History Documents (Click on the document to read or download).

The Didache

Pope St. Clements Letter to the Corinthians

Ignatius of Antioch

Epistle to the Ephisians

Epistle to the Magnesians

Epistle to the Trallians

Epistle to the Romans

Epistle to the Philadelphians

Epistle to the Smyrnaeans

Epistle to Polycarp

St. Justin Martyr

1st Apology

2nd Apology

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Mass Times

Holy Family

316 South Logan Street, Lincoln
Saturday: 5:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am and 10:00am

St. Patrick's

213 South Bogardus Street, Elkhart
Saturday: 4:00pm
Sunday: 8:30am

St. Thomas Aquinas

321 South Lafayette Street, Mt. Pulaski
Sunday: 10:30am

St. Mary's

805 N.W. Pearl Street, Atlanta
Sunday: 9:00am

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Catholic Community

Rectory Hours:

8:00 am - 4:00 pm       Monday - Thursday,             Closed on Friday

Phone: (217) 732-4019

Holy Family

St. Patricks

St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Marys Church

Mission Statement

Parish Histories

Photo Gallery
From the back of the Church
From the back of the Church
Stained Glass Window
Inside from the back of the Church
Don't Forget

All Saints Day - Holy Day of Obligation

Mass Schedule:  

Church Mass Time
                              Holy Family 5:30 pm Vigil Mass on October 31, 2017
                              St. Mary's 6:00 pm Vigil Mass on October 31, 2017
Holy Family 7:00 am
St. Patrick's 6:00 pm 
St. Thomas Aquinas 6:30 pm