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Our Church Our Future Update

The Our Church Our Future Committee would like to thank all of our parishioners and donors who have so generously supported the restoration of Holy Family Church. We appreciate your patience as we continue to refine the final design for the Feldman Memorial Facility.  As with all large scale projects, many details have to be sorted out, sometimes reworked, along with receiving approvals from the City of Lincoln and the Diocese of Peoria. All of this takes time, and while progress might appear to be slow, even moving at a turtle’s pace, several steps for a project of this size require careful planning and thoughtful evaluation.  To date, the following projects have been completed: tuck-pointing exterior bricks and interior target strengthening.  Stained glass window restoration of the main body of the Church has been completed as well. Recent donations have been received which will allow for the restoration of the three stained glass windows above the main Altar (St. John, St. Mary and the Crucifixion Scene). The St. John window has been restored and installed; the St. Mary window should be completed and installed before Christmas. The Crucifixion Scene window requires more extensive restoration. It might be the spring of 2018 before this window is ready for installation.  An interior design committee has been meeting for several months, with the goal of developing an overall plan for improving the interior of Holy Family Church. They have interviewed Church interior design firms, and are continuing to prioritize projects (which we hope to eventually accomplish).  Final design of the Feldman Memorial Facility is also currently underway. The Our Church Our Future Committee has spent many hours working out all the details for this new addition to Holy Family. The design will have to be approved by the Diocese of Peoria, which is a standard procedure that is required for building additions.  Barring any unforeseen delays, we hope to unveil the Feldman Memorial Facility design this fall. We are working diligently to move this project forward and appreciate everyone’s patience as we carefully plan for the future.  Finally, the small brick and white garages behind the rectory will be demolished soon. These buildings are no longer usable and will have to be removed in order to prepare for the Feldman Memorial Facility. A new garage for the clergy automobiles, small tractor, etc., along with additional space for the Holy Family Food Pantry, is being planned. Monies for this project have been donated previously. No donations from the Capital Campaign will be used for this project. - Fr. Laible.  

Goal: $750,000.00    
Pledges Made $950,088.00    
Pledges Lost $42,279.90 4.45% of total pledges made
Net Pledges $907,808.10 121.04% of the goal
Received to date            $565,639.28 62.31% of net pledges
Remainder to be collected $342,168.82 37.69% of net pledges
  St. Mary's Insurance Fund $400,000.00    
  Interest earned to date $1,168.51    
Total: $1,308,976.61    
as of October 13, 2017      

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